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The cloudJust3Things OKR software

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) platform for the modern business

We help organisations of all sizes to prioritise goals, align teams and break down silos.

Companies tell us they struggle to:

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Define where they want to go

"It's hard to know what everyone is working on and how it links to our strategic aims"
"Everyone is really busy, yet we always seem to miss our numbers"
Set a direction

Help teams focus on what matters

"We have far too many priorities and spread ourselves too thin"
"Silos mean that we aren't working together to achieve our most important goals"
Focus on priorities

Track progress, learn and adapt

"Working remotely means we're spending ages on calls updating each other"
"We don't adapt our approach quickly enough if something isn't working"
Track, learn, adapt
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Just3Things helps companies to:

1 Define the direction

  • Clearly set out the vision and strategy.
  • Align goals and activity across the company to the strategic aims.
  • Provide clear accountability with full transparency of all goals and activity.
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2 Focus on what matters

  • Improve focus by prioritising the top three goals.
  • Break down silos and work in cross-functional teams on the most important goals.
  • Cut down on wasted time in meetings with customisable reporting and dashboards.
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3 Track progress, learn and adapt

  • Update progress and link goals to data sources to rapidly spot issues.
  • Quickly understand which deliverables are helping to achieve your goals and which are not.
  • Reduce duplicated efforts, with alerts to similar work streams and searchable history of activity.
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How we proved Just3Things works

Developed from within OVO Energy, Just3Things was instrumental in maintaining the company's competitive advantage as it rapidly scaled from 5 to over 5,000 people spread over 6 offices. The software saved OVO more than £3m a year in lost productivity and endless meetings.

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