5 tips for companies to start working remotely

Companies are starting to ask their teams to work remotely

Almost 50% of large employers say that as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, they have no plans to return employees to the office any time soon. Instead of reluctantly adopting flexible working options out of necessity, these companies are taking a positive and proactive approach.

With the right culture, processes, and practices, remote working can benefit your business in a big way. These 5 tips for successful remote working will transform your thinking and provide tangible ways to embrace this popular working style.

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5 tips for successful remote working:

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1. Trust

Shift from looking at outputs to outcomes.
Worry less about the number of hours employees are clocking up and concentrate more on the effect of their efforts. If they achieved what was asked of them, or even over-achieved, then you can tweak their goals next time.

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2. Flexible working

Work doesn't need to be done in the 9 to 5.
Implementing flexible working practices can improve staff engagement and motivation. Ensure your teams are able to intertwine their family and work lives.

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3. Knowledge sharing

Empower teams to find the answers themselves.
If your teams are spread across multiple locations and working at varying hours, you’ll need a way of connecting them. A daily stand up meeting is a great way to inject transparency into your workflows.

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4. Cloud software

Crucial in a modern corporate environment.
It’s vital that your team has access to the right tools to enable successful remote working.  Just3Things is proven and revolutionary OKR software that makes it easy for teams to work together.

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5. Culture

The unwritten rules of a company might need updating.
Teamwork, collaboration, alignment - whatever you choose to call it, successful remote working depends on having a cohesive team. This starts with your company culture and psychological safety is a core part of that.

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