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Set & Align Objectives

Set short, mid, and long-term goals for strategic planning, with 360 context, and clear prioritisation across departments, teams, and the entire company.

  • Communicate goals to all management teams
  • Publish Governance - vision, strategy, & way-of-working
  • Set Company, team, and individual goals
  • Cascade & align goals vertically and horizontally
  • Prioritize goals at individual, team, and & org level
  • Understand business outcomes and related activities at a glimpse
“When we were scaling OVO, we needed a Single Source of Truth - an operating system for decentralised decision-making. This is why we created Just3Things”
Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder, OVO Energy

Track Progress

Easily spot goals that need attention, and those that are driving business outcomes. Reduce duplicated effort and stay up-to-date with live data.

  • View data with attached narrative  
  • Explain progress or the need for pivots
    with goal audit trails
  • Utilise Integrations for auto-updates and avoidance of double-keying
  • Get notifications on goals of your choice to stay in the loop
  • Tag, comment, and celebrate colleagues in-app
  • Auto-nudge check-ins, and set a cadence of updates to stay on top of progress
"The platform is really intuitive - it’s what we need to ensure we actually deliver on our new 5 year strategy”Mark Ungless, Director of Data Insights, MHI

Coordinate Activity

Break down silos, achieve laser focus, and increase productivity across motivated, collaborative, and cross-functional teams.

  • Create reports in minutes with 'Boards', collaborative spaces for business intelligence
  • Run effective and efficient management meetings,
    presenting live data and commentary against goals
  • Audit-trail of minutes & actions that can be added as initiatives and tasks for tracking
  • Run productive retros & learnings, with lengthy and organised audit trails of business activity
  • Utilise qualitative and quantitative date in dashboards, visualisations, and graphs
  • Run company all-hands, management, and board meetings
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