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Set & align objectives

Set short, mid, and long-term goals for strategic planning, with 360 context, and clear prioritisation across departments, teams, and the entire company.

  • Communicate goals to all management teams
  • Publish Governance - vision, strategy, & way-of-working
  • Set Company, team, and individual goals
  • Cascade & align goals vertically and horizontally
  • Prioritize goals at individual, team, and & org level
  • Understand business outcomes and related activities at a glimpse
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Track Progress

Easily spot goals that need attention, and those that are driving business outcomes. Reduce duplicated effort and stay up-to-date with live data.

  • View data with attached narrative  
  • Explain progress or the need for pivots with goal audit trails
  • Utilise Integrations for auto-updates and avoidance of double-keying
  • Get notifications on goals of your choice to stay in the loop
  • Tag, comment, and celebrate colleagues in-app
  • Auto-nudge check-ins and set a cadence of updates

Coordinate activity

Break down silos, achieve laser focus, and increase productivity across motivated, collaborative, and cross-functional teams.

  • Create reports in minutes with 'Boards', collaborative spaces for business intelligence
  • Run effective and efficient management meetings, presenting live data and commentary against goals
  • Audit-trail of minutes & actions that can be added as initiatives and tasks for tracking
  • Run productive retros & learnings, with lengthy and organised audit trails of business activity
  • Utilise qualitative and quantitative date in dashboards, visualisations, and graphs
  • Run company all-hands, management, and board meetings
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When we were scaling OVO, we needed a Single Source of Truth - an operating system for decentralised decision-making. This is why we created Just3Things.”
Stephen Fitzpatrick
Stephen Fitzpatrick
Founder, OVO Energy
Just3Things is not a tool, it’s a way of working.
Catherine Wallwork
Catherine Wallwork
Innovation Director, Deloitte Ventures

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