Spreadsheets: your strategy’s graveyard

Connect daily activities to long term objectives Prioritise  goals, adapt quickly, and align teams to drive results with Just3Things

Define your direction

Give teams clarity on your shared mission - Empower teams to map out the work that needs to be done, the steps to get there, and why each task is important to your wider business strategy.

Focus on what matters

Scaling companies have many moving parts in various different departments. Avoid wasting time in endless meetings and empower cross-functional teams to prioritise the tasks that will drive results.

Track progress in real-time

Create a central source of truth for company-wide progress against objectives, automating data integrations to improve distributed decision making via a mission control.

Easily understand how action ladders up to strategy. Image showing a hierarchy of goals and what affects what.

Gain context about your business

Data only paints half of the picture. Gain context on the what, when, who, how, and why, with attached narrative for all decisions and projects across your business.

Adapt and pivot strategy for success

Decide if, when, or why you should pivot your strategy to minimise risk or maximise gain, all whilst maintaining alignment of teams.

Make faster, more informed decisions. Image showing a comment from a team member and a graph of performance.

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