Kim Atherton

Co-founder and CEO
at Just3Things
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Kim joined OVO Energy in 2012 when the team were 50 strong. As Chief People Officer she led the organisational design project to move from a traditional hierarchy to a network of teams, and when she could not find a piece of software to help to embed this way of working, hired a small software team and went about building her own. Just3Things made a huge difference to OVO, increasing productivity by over 10% and helping the organisation move from 52nd to 20th in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work survey. In Winter 2019, Just3Things span out as a separate business, and is now working with a wide range of clients globally.

Prior to OVO Kim was a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, consulting globally with organisations including HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and Novartis. She holds a BSc in Psychology from Bristol University and a MSc in Occupational Psychology from University of Cardiff.

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