Ed Janvrin joins Just3Things as CEO and Co-Founder

Ed Janvrin has been named as Co-founder and CEO of Just3Things. Ed brings over 20 years of experience in operational strategy, management, and execution.

Partnership Announcement: Sooner Safer Happier & Just3Things

We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Sooner Safer Happier. Find out more about the partnership in our latest blog.

Are functional silos stunting your business success?

Find out how functional silos can hamper your business success and why it’s time to replace them with a more collaborative approach.

Client case study: How OVO Energy maintained agility at scale

In this case study, we explore how OVO Energy embedded focus and alignment within their teams by building Just3Things.

Podcast: HR Transformation with Perry Timms

Blogger, author and inspirational speaker Perry Timms discusses why HR transformation needs to happen now across all organisations.

There is no new normal - how businesses can adapt

There is no new normal! But there is a way you can pivot continuously to keep evolving alongside the economy. Here’s how…

Podcast: Mindset change – learn from the experts

How to introduce mindset change and how this helps to successfully embed OKRs and new ways of working.

How to write OKRs (with examples)

Get started with OKRs – find out how to write them, compare some good and bad examples and learn about the most common mistakes.

The importance of psychological safety at work

Psychological safety is a natural norm for high-performing teams. This blog explains what it is, why it matters, & how to instill it within your team.

Video: Our CEO and co-founder Kim Atherton interviewed by TedxBristol

Watch Kim Atherton's Ted Talk, discussing the challenges of traditional organisational structure and how this hinders innovation and employee satisfaction.

Podcast: Creating a customer-centric company

Want to transform into an innovative, adaptable organisation? Start with a relentless focus on solving customer problems.

Interview: with Barry O’Reilly - outcomes over outputs

We interview Barry O’Reilly to learn why organisations should shift to Outcomes over Outputs as their way of working, and what benefits this can bring.

BBC Radio 4's "The Bottom Line" – behavioural science in the workplace

Can behavioural science make us more productive and improve the workplace? Just3Things CEO and co-founder is interviewed by BBC Radio 4.