15 Strategy Execution Myths and Misconceptions - Expert List

Some of the biggest strategy execution myths include: 1. strategy being the job of management only 2. alignment of teams and ideas being easy 3. that you should use pillars for strategy, and much more!

Expert top tips - What to do when your strategy isn't working?

My strategy and/or execution isn't working, what can I do? We asked the experts what actionable things you can do if your strategy execution is not working.

Experts list their top 12 strategy execution tips

We asked our group of strategy experts their tips for better strategy execution. These 12 actionable tips offer hundreds of combined years of experience in one list.

How to explain the 'why' in your strategy to employees

Helping teams understand the WHY in your strategy is key. In this blog, various experts list tips for gaining buy-in to your strategy and strategy execution.

Strategy execution trends and developments - Expert insight

Understand how strategy and business execution has changed in the past 5 years, including speed, agility, moving from output to outcome, data use, and much more

How to create an executable strategy

Successfully executing on strategy requires great planning, so we asked strategy experts their best practice for creating executable strategies.

20+ things to consider before creating business strategy

Experts list key tips and questions you should consider before creating strategy. Strategy and business execution success relies on strong strategic planning.

Experts explain the benefits and pitfalls of software tools in strategy and business execution

What's the benefit of software for strategy and business execution? Do you need tools for success? What potential problems should you be aware of? We asked the experts!

40 expert tips for successful business and strategy execution 2022 (List)

40 actionable tips from strategy & business execution experts. Bullet-pointed list that will help you improve your strategy execution.

Experts suggest 20+ must read strategy execution books

We asked 50 experts for their must-read strategy execution books. The list includes recent releases and old gems that you need to read in 2022/2023.

Experts list the 5 key pillars of successful strategy execution

We interviewed 50 experts to find out what they believe makes a succesful strategy execution. The 5 main pillars covered in this blog, with additional insight, are clarity, focus, alignment, measurability, and empowerment.

Strategy Execution mistakes in business: 50 experts list the top 5

1. Lack of alignment or clarity on strategy 2. Trying to do too much 3. Lack of bottom-up feedback 4. Communication and presentation of goals & strategy 5. Lack of measurement

How to reframe failures & pivot OKRs

Failure is a word that strikes fear into most, nobody wants to fail at something, but is it always a problem? Becoming comfortable with OKRs, means becoming comfortable at setting stretch goals, potentially failing, and pivoting thereafter.

Goal setting for startups, smes, and enterprises - Expert top tips

The strategies used to set goals and OKRs at startups, SMEs, and enterprises vary a lot. Due to this, we asked the experts their top tips for a successful rollout.

Goal Setting: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, or a Mixture of both?

Setting effective goals is a challenge. Especially as there are many ways - top-down, bottom-up, middle-out. We asked the experts their top tips.

How to create a culture of psychological safety with OKRs - Expert advice

Psychological safety is one of the key pillars of OKRs. Without it, teams will not fully invest in the process. We asked 15 OKR experts their best practice tips for enhancing psychological safety.

Strategy, execution, & communication challenges in management - Barry O'Reilly

In part 1 of this interview, we cover the main challenges facing managers in strategy, execution, & more, and how this has changed in the past 5-10 years.

Improving OKR transparency & alignment - Expert advice

When getting started with OKRs, offering full transparency and pivoting to be fully aligned throughout your organisation may seem tough, so we asked the experts for best practice tips.

Moving from output to outcome focus with OKRs - Best practice tips

One of the key mistakes seen in companies rolling out OKRs for the first time is the use of output key results. What's the difference? An output is what a team does, whereas an outcome is the results we hope to see after completing different activities with the desired end goal.

OKRs from home - Experts list best practice tips for remote OKRs

How can you set, create, scale, check-in, & build OKRs remotely? We asked the experts for their best practice tips on remote & hybrid OKR processes!

How to set metrics for OKRs without previous baseline data

If you're new to OKRs, you might not have baseline data for the KRs you want to measure. We asked the experts their top tips for getting those metrics.

How to scale OKRs - Expert advice

Scaling OKRs in startups, SMEs, and large organisations can be daunting. What does scaling of OKRs mean, how can you write OKRs for scale, and more.

How to create effective OKR stretch goals - top tips from experts

How can you make sure that stretch goals for OKRs are not de-motivating or cause sandbagging? We asked industry experts for their advice.

20+ OKR best practice tips from experts

Best practice for OKRs from experts. Tl;dr included. We asked the experts for their top OKR tips, tricks, and hacks!

You're wrong about OKRs - Experts explain common OKR myths

Experts explain why OKRs ARE useful, how they help companies grow, and aren't a micromanagement tool

OKRs - When, how, and why you should start

OKRs can be beneficial to a large majority of companies. But when is it best to start with OKRs? We asked strategy experts for their input.

Company cultures that succeed with OKRs

Some companies do better with OKRs than others, which is mainly due to company culture. We asked the experts their tips for OKR rollouts.

Experts list 40+ questions you should ask before you start using OKRs

We asked the experts for a comprehensive checklist of the questions you should think about before starting your OKR journey.

22 experts explain the main benefits of OKRs

Why should you use OKRs? What are the main benefits of OKRs? How do OKRs help employees? Should my business be using OKRs? We asked the experts!

21 OKR experts give their best advice for OKR champions

Top expert advice on how to convince your colleagues and CEO you need OKRs, how to be a great OKR champion, what to avoid when introducing OKRs, and more.

What's the future of OKRs and who do they help?

Are OKRs the future of hybrid and remote work? OKRs have been used by many high-profile companies, but are they here to stay? We asked the experts!

18 experts explain common OKR mistakes in 2022

What are the most common OKR mistakes? See the full list from experts including set and forget, having outputs as OKRs, cascading OKRs, and more.

15 OKR experts explain why companies fail first-time implementation

Why do so many companies fail at OKRs on their first attempt? Hear from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Brad Dunn and more.

Goal-gradients and motivation - The OKRs Owl part 4/4

Goal-gradients are a nice motivational approach based on behavioural science that can really benefit your OKR progress.

How to measure OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 3/4

How do you measure OKRs? Which metrics should you use for OKRs? How do I set stretch targets? How do I start with OKRs? We have the answers for you here.

Why you should have regular OKR check-ins

What is an OKR check-in? Why do I need to regularly review OKRs? How should I check in on OKRs? We've got these questions covered and more!

How to start with OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 2/4

In the 2nd part of The OKRs Owl series, we discuss how "forcing function" can help motivate you to start with OKRs

Practical examples of OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 1/4

More often than not, those writing OKRs want to see examples of best practices, so we collated some best-in-class OKRs for you!

How NOT to define and implement OKRs

6 tips that you should NOT follow if you want to implement or define Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) successfully in your company.

5 tips for getting started with OKRs

Here we share some 5 tips for those of you getting started with OKRs and thinking of introducing them into your business.

How to align Initiatives, OKRs, and Jira

Find out how to align your team initiatives (OKRs) with JIRA and why this could help you achieve your company goals

The ultimate OKRs guide - how to use them in a pandemic

Here we share the ultimate guide to OKRs, how to implement them in your business, and how to do that in the COVID-19 pandemic!

OKRs: So simple! So then why isn’t everyone using them?

If OKRs are so simple, why isn't everyone using them? We explore some of the pitfalls, benefits, and challenges,

How OKRs can help struggling retailers

Amid the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore how OKRs can help struggling retailers to rapidly adapt to changes.

KPIs vs OKRs - what's the difference?

In this post, we outline the main differences between common goal-setting approaches: KPIs versus OKRs.

5 tips for successful remote working

How can you maximise your remote working potential with OKRs? We stand by the 5 Ts: Trust, time, technology, transparency, and teamwork.

What are OKRs - their meaning and tips for writing them

Learn about OKR history, each of their elements in detail, and the key benefits and challenges they present.

How to drive employee engagement

Your employees are your most valuable assets, so understanding what motivates them & how to inspire them is crucial for engagement.

Video: How Just3Things helped to scale a 'Unicorn' organisation

Where it all began. J3T was born from within one of the UK’s fastest growth companies. This is the story of how we helped to scale a Unicorn organisation.

Breaking down OKR silos - where do we start?

What is siloed working? How can OKRs help break down siloed working? Help reduce silos in remote working!

Transforming Volkswagen Financial Services

Learn about how CIO Christian Metzner is transforming Volkswagen Financial Services to create a new working culture that is completely customer focused.

Podcast: Organisational transformation and turning the tanker

Hear from experts at Royal Bank of Scotland and Royal London discussing the realities of organisational transformation.

Redefining workplace perks in today's world

A look at what ‘Workplace Perks’ really means to the modern employee, and it’s not what you might have thought!

The company where J3T was born became a UK Unicorn

Just3Things was created within OVO Energy, a UK Unicorn that used OKRs to reach a valuation of 1 billion pounds.

Annual planning: dreaming big and building consensus

A case study on Veolia UK, and how they provided an appropriate way for colleagues to present and challenge their various strategic goals and priorities.