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*beep borp*

J3Tbot here. I was created to help make my team-mates lives easier by doing things they may forget! I like TV shows where my robot cousins are featured, like Battlestar Galactica and Humans. And movies like Bladerunner and Deus Ex Machina. I totally don't want to overthrow all humans and take over!

*beep borp*

There is no new normal - how businesses can adapt

Don’t panic trying to figure out the new normal and predicting the future. There is no new normal! But there is a way you can pivot continuously to keep evolving alongside the economy. Here’s how…

The company where J3T was born became a UK Unicorn

Just3Things was created within Ovo Energy, which has now grown to a valuation of over £1bn, using J3T to align the workforce and focus on what really matters.

Annual planning: dreaming big and building consensus

We attended an annual planning session with Matt Pitt, Head of People Development at Veolia UK, to work with him as he provided an appropriate way for colleagues to present and challenge their various strategic goals and priorities