Dominic Cameron

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Dominic has founded or helped grow some of the world's most exciting digital initiatives and businesses. As an engineer by trade, his work has centred on technology and product as well as organisation design and general management. Since 2017 he's focused on 'being plural' and bringing his energies, memories and learnings to contribute to a portfolio of digital businesses as non-exec director.

Dominic joined Just3Things as Chairman because of his enthusiasm for growth-stage SaaS businesses; his sense of urgency in seeing large enterprises transform and modernise their Systems of Work; and for the contribution that well-executed OKRs — in their kaleidoscopic varieties — can make to the success of modern businesses.

Dominic's missions have spanned the launches of, BBC News Online, and Zephr as well as the growth-stages of Photobox/Moonpig, PropertyFinder, VavaCars and IntentHQ. With engagement in multiple M&A and funding events including two IPOs and two private equity exits.  After a Masters level education in engineering and in business administration, Dominic was fortunate to have been immersed in the diverse fields of entertainment broadcasting, news media, online publishing, printing, e-commerce and B2C and B2B software development.

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