What's new in Just3Things

New Features in May 2021

Feature 1

View OKRs in a table

View OKRs throughout J3T in a table with all the key information you need. And with the use of filters, you can customise which OKRs to display (like showing only the red ones) and screenshot the report to use in presentations or download it as a CSV file to share with colleagues outside of J3T.

Feature 2

Invite people to follow OKRs

Following helps you save time by finding all of your important OKRs in one place. Now you can invite your colleagues and stakeholders to follow things, so they'll get a notification whenever there's an update. They won't need to chase you for updates ever again!

Feature 3

Reply to comments

Commenting on your OKRs is essential to providing context and further details on progress and developments, and we know that sometimes there are many comments belonging to an OKR and you only want to reply to one in particular. You can now do that with reply, making it easier to identify which comments are in response to an existing post.

Feature 4

Daily summary emails

You can now receive daily emails that summarise all the activity in J3T from the day before (we won’t send an email if there weren't any updates). You never have to worry about keeping up to date or missing an important check-in again.

Feature 5

Update your job title, manager etc inside J3T

To make it easier for you to update your own personal details whenever you want, you can now amend your job title, manager, direct reports and notification settings yourself from your profile page. Save time requesting these changes from our support team and make these changes as often as you need to, whenever you need to.