Video: How Just3Things helped to scale a 'Unicorn' organisation

Video: How Just3Things helped to scale a 'Unicorn' organisation

J3T was born from within one of the UK’s fastest growth Unicorn companies

We are asked all the time what exactly Just3Things does and how the software adds value to organisations. One of the simplest ways to answer to this is to go back to our original conception within OVO Energy, a UK green energy supplier, that decided to transform to become more agile and implement OKRs. Following many challenges and obstacles, it became apparent that a software tool was required to effectively implement OKRs and provide the transparency, focus, and alignment required to successfully track and drive progress, but with no suitable software platforms available on the market…voila! Just3Things was born.

Kim Atherton CEO & Co-Founder of Just3Things and former Chief People Officer of Ovo Energy, and Ed Connolly CTO of Ovo Energy recently presented at SEACON 2019. They describe how OVO Energy began as a tiny start-up and transformed their organisation, empowered their teams, built a software platform, and ultimately became a Unicorn organisation that has now purchased SSE to become the second-largest energy provider in the UK.

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