Podcast: The new business landscape in a pandemic

Podcast: The new business landscape in a pandemic

Kim Atherton & Barry O’Reilly discuss the new landscape that is emerging as a result of lockdowns, & how it's inspiring innovation in business.

J3T CEO and Co-Founder Kim Atherton, and bestselling author and business advisor Barry O’Reilly, recently jumped on Zoom to record a podcast, providing a review of the changing global environment following Covid19 and the new landscape that has emerged.

Whilst we are all familiar with the negative aspects of the global pandemic – including health and wellbeing, economic disruption and the lack of social interaction – there are positive outcomes arising from the new landscape that is bringing communities together, inspiring innovation in businesses, and uniting the world in their appreciation for all the front line key workers.

Kim and Barry discuss the social impact and the new, ingenious ways people are coming together virtually, whether it be video tea parties or making new friends on Zoom over a glass of whisky.

From a business perspective, they review the importance of having good leaders to provide clarity and a defined purpose for employees. This will enable employees to have focus and direction in order to get the results required. Examples such as the NHS building a brand new hospital in the Excel Centre London ‘which was operational less than 2 weeks after it’s conception’, and Brewdog creating hand sanitisers, demonstrates how agile and productive businesses can be when they understand the wider context and have a clear sense of direction.

Have a listen below as Kim and Barry review the positive changes Covid19 has inspired in communities and businesses, and how they are successfully navigating the new landscape.

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