Podcast: Organisational transformation and turning the tanker

Podcast: Organisational transformation and turning the tanker

Organisational transformation programmes in the financial services industry are notoriously difficult and time-consuming. Whilst young, disruptive Fintechs are able to operate nimbly, responding quickly to market trends and consumer demands, the same cannot be said for traditional, global corporations.

If you’re interested in hearing from experts at Royal Bank of Scotland and Royal London about the realities of organisational transformation, have a listen to our podcast. Topics we tackled included getting employees “comfortable with the uncomfortable”, coaching leadership on how to “hold their nerve” in the face of setbacks, the road to building additional capacity as a business.

We discuss the challenges, and how to overcome them, with two experts that have successfully introduced change to their departments.

Sandy Scales, organisational transformation

Sandy Scales
Head of Agile Adoption
Royal London

Aaron Clift, organisational transformation

Aaron Clift
Head Of Digital Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation
Royal Bank of Scotland

Kim Atherton, organisational transformation

Kim Atherton
Co-founder & CEO

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