Podcast: Mindset change – learn from the experts

Podcast: Mindset change – learn from the experts

How to introduce mindset change and how this helps to successfully embed OKRs and new ways of working.

Meet the panelists:

Kim Atherton

As a chartered Psychologist, Kim Atherton joined OVO Energy 5 years ago as Chief People Officer when the team were 50 strong. She oversaw rapid employee growth to 2,000 employees whilst taking the business to 20th in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work. She developed a software platform, Just3Things, to embed the principles of an emergent mindset and OKRs within OVO, which she now heads up as a stand alone business.

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis is an established senior leader with a proven track record of high-growth brands in FinTech/InsurTech. He has had many experiences with embedding OKRs both in many different environments, and is hoping to do the same in his current role with Admiral Financial Services. He can bring a real hands on view of the benefits and pitfalls of this methodology.

Mike Horwath

Mike Horwath is an experienced Agile and Scrum practitioner who has worked on some of the largest transformation projects in the country including Lloyds Banking Group. He is currently working with RBS, leading the charge on embedding OKRs into the Enterprise Engineering department. Mike also runs a consultancy, 1OvMany, specialising in Organisational Design & OKR practice.

Catherine Wallwork

Catherine Wallwork is the Head of Innovation Engagement & Mindset at Deloitte Ventures, a rapidly growing function in Deloitte which aims to co-create disruptive technologies which change the way that business is done. Catherine’s role involves leading mindset transformation and mobilising people around innovations that matter most – all underpinned by a deep understanding of human motivation. OKRs are one of the many tools she uses to embed this mindset change, both within the practice and outside.

What is Mindset Change?

Have you ever wondered, “how do some companies manage to successfully transform the way they work to become more innovative, whilst making their employees happier?We put this question to an expert panel to discuss; drawing on experiences from Deloitte, Admiral Group, Go Compare, RBS and Lloyds Bank.

We jumped straight into the importance of mindset, and why this should be considered as an essential part of the transformation process. The panel present some practical exercises that you can do right now to assess mindset, and some tips on how to move away from a fixed mindset.  

How can I embed change?

One of the methodologies discussed as a tool to drive change is OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We look at examples of OKRs done well, and common pitfalls to avoid. Our guests agree that the biggest challenge is driving change and buy-in from the top, and pivoting an organisation to track outcomes as the key focus, not outputs (such as project deliverables) to allow teams to innovate toward a better solution. This transformation in ways of working requires a mindset shift that needs careful thought and planning.

We end the podcast with four tips on things to do to get started with your transformation, and insightful guard rails to put in place to avoid the common obstacles that often lead to failed transformations.

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