Partnership Announcement: Sooner Safer Happier & Just3Things

Partnership Announcement: Sooner Safer Happier & Just3Things

We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Sooner Safer Happier. Find out more about the partnership in our latest blog.

We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Sooner Safer Happier (SSH). Co-founded by business agility practitioner and bestselling author Jonathan Smart and co-author Myles Ogilvie, SSH helps organisations to deliver better outcomes, and aims to make the world of work a more humane and sustainable place. Prior to SSH, Jonathan led Deloitte’s Business Agility practice, and prior to that headed up Ways of Working at Barclays Bank. 

This strategic partnership brings together our best-in-class OKR software, and industry-leading training and consultancy from SSH, providing greater value for both current and future clients looking to harness the power of OKRs to embed new ways of working and deliver better results. 

Jonathan and the SSH team bring decades of experience in helping large organisations to deliver better outcomes through improved ways of working. To facilitate these changes, SSH advocate OKRs as a leading philosophy to help businesses transition from output to outcome focus, and to improve both transparency and alignment of business goals. 

“OKRs are a great way for organisations to have a very clear view of their outcomes, goals, and the purpose of their work. OKRs help in the move from role based silos to multidisciplinary teams, providing a shared outcome and clear measures of success. As autonomy is increased, OKRs are a great way to ensure high alignment, that teams are rowing in the same direction, aligned to strategic intent. Alongside this, OKRs are very good at providing the feedback loop which businesses need in order to exhibit agility. You need to have that data feedback loop so that you can inspect, adapt, and pivot.”

Whilst there are many different approaches to creating and tracking objectives, Jonathan firmly believes that OKRs benefit greatly from tooling:

“Whilst my narrative is ‘80% culture, 20% tooling’, OKRs is an area in which tooling is essential. Tooling helps with transparency, reporting, and discoverability, which tools such as Excel and Powerpoint don’t offer. Business goals should be open to everybody, and OKR software can therefore help teams collaborate and synchronise across different value streams.”

Therefore, when it came to partnership opportunities, Jonathan explained that Just3Things was the perfect match for SSH:

“Just3Things and SSH share a very important mindset and philosophy on how OKRs should be done. Alongside J3T’s focus on enterprise users, and their track record of creating better ways of working at large businesses, their software leads the way in improving transparency, alignment, prioritisation, and more. 

Kim Atherton, Founder and CEO of Just3Things echoed Jonathan's thoughts on the partnership:

”Jonathan’s experience in the field of organisational transformation is second to none - unlike many consultants he has actually been at the coal face and led an organisation wide transformation at large scale over multiple years which makes a huge difference to his understanding of what works in the real world. Many of our clients at Just3Things need additional support in areas such as culture change and way of working to ensure that they realise the full benefits of OKRs, and the SSH team have worked with a huge number of enterprises and have developed a robust framework that brings about real change”

As well as the partnership, Jonathan will Chair the OKR Community for Just3Things. Kim comments:

“One of the most exciting aspects of running Just3Things has been introducing peers from different organisations who are facing similar challenges when implementing OKRs in the real world. Jonathan’s appointment will help to bring structure to this process as he heads up the OKR Community bringing together like minded people to share thoughts, challenges and success stories under Chatham House rules,  building a community of change makers in this space”

We welcome a diverse range of views on the opportunities and challenges of implementing OKRs effectively. Our OKR Community is made up of existing clients and also others who have experience in this area. If you are interested in connecting with like minded peers and sharing ideas on how to get the most from OKRs, we would love to have you at our next virtual session on 9th December. Please email 

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