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Just3Things’ integration with Slack lets you keep your teams updated, engaged and aligned with your company's OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). You can now see @mentions, replies, reminders and other notifications right where you work, making collaboration towards your company’s vision easier than ever. 

Key features:

  • Slack lets you know when you have been mentioned in an OKR or Team comment. 
  • Stay informed of when you’ve been added to new or existing Teams, Objectives, Key Results and Initiatives.
  • Slack reminds you when you are due to check-in on an OKR so you never miss an update.
  • Quick, easy set up.

To learn more about our Slack integration, visit our help centre

How to use the Just3Things Slack integration

To use Just3Thing’s slack Integration, a J3T admin from your Company must enable it on the Manage Integrations page (found in their Options menu) for the Company. This connects your Companies Slack Workspace, to make sure notifications stay within your organisation.

Once a Just3Things admin has enabled our Slack Integration for you, a quick visit to your Profile Settings page will let you complete the connection. Once completed, you will start receiving notifications straight to Slack.

Inside Slack a message is displayed from the Just3Things app saying "Thanks for installing the Just3Things app!"
Inside Slack you can see the integration was successfully set up

Once enabled, users can individually connect to Slack, turning on notifications to it, by visiting their Profile Settings Page (found in their Options menu). Once connected, any future notifications will be sent to Slack, unless disabled by that user, or a company admin.

Inside Just3Things, a message is displayed in "Your notification integrations" saying that the Slack integration is configured. There is an option to "Remove" the integration here too.
Your Slack integration is shown on your Profile Settings page in Just3Things

The notifications we send through Slack

You were added to a Strategy, OKR or Initiative
Slack message: John Doe has just invited you to the Strategy 'J3T Sales Aim'
You were added to a Team
Slack message: John Smith added you to the team 'Engineering'
We haven't seen you in a while
Slack message: See what's happened while you've been away by taking a look at your personal notifications
A Strategy, OKR or Initiative you're a member of hasn't been updated in a while
Slack message: Your Initiative hasn't had any activity recently
A Strategy, OKR or Initiative you're a member of is being followed by someone
Slack message: John Smith is following your Objective
You were @mentioned in a comment
Slack message: Jane Doe has just mentioned you on a Key Result
Your comment has been replied to
Slack message: Mary replied to your comment
A new user has joined your company's Just3Things account (only admins see this)
Slack message: Darryn has created a Just3Things account

About Just3Things

Just3Things is the only proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) software.

Born from within OVO Energy - one of the UKs fastest growing Unicorn companies - we were instrumental in maintaining their competitive advantage as they rapidly scaled from five to over 5,000 people spread over six offices. We saved OVO more than 3 million a year in lost productivity and endless meetings. Now we're helping companies from around the world do the same.

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