3Make it easy to track, learn and adapt

Quickly update progress of OKRs

Automate updates by linking directly to your organisation's data sources so that everyone has the most up to date information

  • Integrate data sources to your OKRs to get real-time updates and see historic values.
  • Check in on OKRs quickly and easily in one place.
  • Update OKRs with a RAG (Red-Amber-Green) status to ensure that help is given where necessary, and recognition is received appropriately.
A graph showing OKR progress with the check ins that were done as the goal was worked on. The shaded area below the graph is red, amber, or green to show status.
A list of initiatives contributing towards an OKR's progress, with the latest comments shown against it in a grid.

See what's working and what isn't

Easily spot which OKRs need more attention. Understand which projects are making a difference to business outcomes and which need to change.

  • Filter an overview of all OKRs and activity by RAG status to quickly understand where the blockers are.
  • Link activity to Key Results to learn which initiatives and projects really make a difference to business outcomes.
  • View progress of Key Results using interactive graphs to quickly understand trends, history and previous comments.
"We had spent time defining our strategy, but we didn’t have a compelling way to bring this for life for everyone in the Charity. Just3Things allowed us to cascade goals against our strategic pillars and to show how everyone played a part in achieving our vision."
Sarah Lindsell, CEO at The Brain Tumour Charity
Sarah Lindsell

Reduce duplicated efforts

Highlight similar goals and ineffective activity to stop re-inventing the wheel. Search history and learn from previous work to adapt more easily.

  • Use automatic detection to alert teams to potential duplication of work.
  • Use historical search to quickly find what has happened in the past and learn more quickly.
  • Record learnings from current initiatives so that future work can be adapted.
A form where the details of a new OKR are being entered. A popup has appeared to show that 2 other OKRs have similar names.

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