1Show your teams the direction to go

Share your strategic vision

Engage your teams by clearly setting out company vision, strategy and direction in a transparent and easy to understand way.

  • Set your vision, strategic aims and top level goals for others to align to.
  • Prioritise three company Objectives and inform everyone when these change for complete clarity.
  • Search for information, follow Objectives and respond to updates all at the touch of a button.
OKRs aligned below longer-term strategic OKRs
"I remember one of my clients - the CEO of a large bank - said to me there were some 120,000 people working for him, and he had no idea of what 60,000 were working on. Transparency and alignment is a real issue for so many organisations!"
Barry O'Reilly, entrepreneur, author, and business advisor
Barry O'Reilly
A network of connected OKRs on a map

Align Goals and activity

Show how the work teams are doing drives the progress of your Objectives and ladders up to the broader strategy.

  • View the alignment network of Goals all in one place to see how everything connects.
  • Clearly identify the links between strategy, Goals and initiatives.  Pull in more detail with integrations, including Jira and Trello.
  • Quickly spot which teams or goals are unaligned to the strategic aims.
"Since incorporating Just3Things into the way we work, our projects have taken a real step forward, both in terms of transparency, efficiency and completion – the team behind the platform act as real partners to what we want to achieve."
Matt Pitt, Head of People Development at Veolia
Matt Pitt

Clear accountability

Quickly see which teams are working on what and respond to updates to drive productivity.

  • Create clear ownership of goals and an audit of all updates and changes.
  • Build up customised dashboards on any objectives you are interested in.
  • Receive notifications about the objectives that you are interested in and leave comments and reactions
Cross-functional teams working on OKRs

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