2Help your teams to focus on what matters

Prioritise the 'top three things'

Achieve laser focus by prioritising the top three OKRs - for the company, as a team, and as an individual.

  • Quickly and easily set transparent priorities to reduce noise and confusion.
  • Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction by aligning priorities across the organisation.
  • Instantly update each other if priorities change to reduce ambiguity.
An OKR being marked as a priority
Great tool! Helps reduce complexity, while keeping you well informed, agile and aligned.
Tony Keeling, Managing Director of SSE Retail
A network of connected Teams on a map

Break down silos

Break down silos and work in cross functional teams in order to achieve your most important goals. View cross functional and functional teams and how they interact to encourage collaboration.

  • See all cross-functional and functional teams in one visual network to understand who is working on what.
  • Increase collaboration between teams by sharing Objectives, Key Results or Initiatives in a flexible way.
  • Create feedback loops and engagement by commenting, liking and reacting to each other's work.
"Using Just3Things has saved each of our Team Leaders hours every week that would have been spent in update meetings and writing endless reports"
Adrian Letts - CEO OVO Retail
Adrian Letts

Increase productivity

Cut down on time wasted in endless update meetings and admin with customisable dashboards and reporting.

  • Follow the teams, OKRs or activity that you are interested in to receive notifications.
  • Sync your OKRs to data points via integrations with Google and Microsoft for real time tracking of OKR progress.
  • Cut down on time spent crafting powerpoint presentations with quick and easy team reports (which can be exported to Power Point if you really need to!)
A list of Teams and OKRs that you follow, with the latest comment from each one displayed in a grid

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