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Latest Release!

📂 All Goals!

We're delighted to announce the release of our latest feature, All Goals.

All Goals shows you all objectives, key results, and initiatives/projects in one place, as well as how they cascade down and align up to company strategy.

Access all level 1, 2, and 3 objectives+, with aligned key results, and initiatives, which can be expanded, either all at once or on a goal by goal basis.

In this overview of all company goals, users can also see goal progress, due date, and the members (team & individuals) of each goal.

As with other goals, you can filter by time period (quarterly or annual goals), and we have now added functionality to hide completed goals from the new interface.

Interested in a demo of all goals or Just3Things? Email us at hello@just3things.com

📩 Private Messaging & Reactions!💬

You asked for it, now it’s here! Private messaging on Just3Things is now live.

Once logged in to your Just3Things account, you can now send a private message (praise, nudge to check in, comment, or general feedback - keep it nice) on the Objective, Key Result, or Initiative pages.

Once sent, these messages are received by the intended recipient(s) in their J3T attributed email inbox. The messages are not stored in Just3Things so no one in your workspace will be able to view these messages unless they are on the recipient list.

If you reply to a private message that has been sent to your email, it will not go via the app, but instead reply directly via email.

Private messages can be sent to as many or as few recipients as you’d like, simply by adding their name to the ‘people’ open text toolbar, as you would when adding a team member to an objective or initiative.

For more information on how to use the update, you can see our help guide here.

New Goal Page -Improved navigation & accessibility!

Introducing our new goal page and drawers function, the most impactful strategy execution release of the year. So what’s new?

  1. Improved Goal Page - You will now be able to see the progress of objectives, key results, and tasks, as well as integrations and updates (text commentary on check ins) all in one place. No more scrolling between headers, going back and forth on goal pages, or jumping between tabs.

You can easily update KRs and tasks, check in, remove old initiatives and more  from this central source of truth. Navigation between different key results has also been radically simplified with ‘drawers’.

  1. Drawers - Navigation has never been easier. You can now access key results and KPIs via an overlay menu or ‘drawer’ on goal pages. This means that you won't navigate away from the original KR or Objective, or have to load a new page. You can access aligned key results, and then simply click to the left of the page to exit opened drawers. 

Why we developed these features:

  • Users keep context of progress whilst navigating between key results and goal pages 
  • Reduced need for scrolling, navigation, and fewer clicks to see 30,000 ft view of progress 
  • Access all of the key information you need in one place for a quick picture of progress 

📌 Boards just got better!

Released 2nd August, 2022

The reception to ‘Boards*’ since the February release has been fantastic. The feedback we’ve received and our analysis of usage shows adoption across a majority of users! That said, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels, so we’ve made some slight tweaks. Here are 4 new things to look out for:

Stepped side nav & header - We’ve reduced the number of clicks to get to the information you need. Instead of navigating the menus to find your board of choice, one click will now open up your latest board entry. This simplification will be app-wide in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Editing is here - Rather than having to draft and then publish pages, you'll land on a page and instantly be able to edit it, as if it were a google doc. To ‘publish’ and share a page with your colleagues, you can simply change a board from private to public, or add more of your team mates as editors.

screenshot of app

Collaborate with colleagues - With collaborative editing it’s important to see who you’re working with, which is why this update to boards will show you who is on the same board as you, indicating if they are just looking or adding some useful insight. When a user edits a board, it’ll lock to ensure no double-keying. 

screenshot of app

Version History - We’ve removed ‘historic/live’ mode. Instead, you can now see past edits made to a board. Deleted something accidentally, or want to check on data from a few weeks ago? You will now be able to find those details easily under Version History. 

screenshot of app
See previous board edits!

*Boards are collaborative spaces within Just3Things. Think of them like pinning boards where you can pull in and save goals from anywhere in your business, as well as add images and commentary. You could use boards to keep tabs on goals you care about, create reports or management summaries and even run your 1:1s with team members

April Update - Navigation, integrations, and filtering updates

Screenshot showing the new navigation
Navigation has moved!

After a period of feedback and user research, we’ve updated the navigation and filters on Just3Things. You’ll notice that our navigation panel has moved to the left-hand side of the app’s display, and filtering options have been simplified. The key reasons for these tweaks include:

  • Fewer clicks are required for common user journeys (based upon analysis of user navigation
  • Improvement of UI and UX - the navigation is now more intuitive and logical
  • Improvement of the visual field - moving away from header navigation has created more real estate for the aspects you care about 
  • Improvement of mobile usability - update Just3Things on the go
  • Reduction in the number of filters - fewer clicks to get to desired search result
screenshot of app

It may take a little bit of time to get used to these changes, but we promise they’ll make Just3Things quicker and easier to use.

You can also keep on top of your OKRs using our new Slack integration. You can now see @mentions, replies, reminders, and other notifications right where you work, making collaboration towards your goals and the company’s vision easier than ever. 

Whilst the bulk of the work is done, there will be little tweaks going forward, so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them - hello@just3things.com

24th February, 2022

Introducing Boards: Saving your data from the spreadsheet graveyard

Boards example

We are delighted to announce that Boards are now live and available In Just3Things.

Boards help our users to:

  1. Prep for, run, and easily minute meetings
  2. Track the KRs and targets YOU care about using live data
  3. Build team dashboards for greater insight

Build fully-customisable boards in minutes, highlighting OKR status and progress across any department with an accompanying narrative. Users can customise any board by adding OKRs, text, images, links to documents, and more.  Once created, users can share their board with specific individuals, teams, or company-wide inside J3T.

You can also save boards as templates so that instead of starting from scratch every time, they can just use the last board for a head start. Not only can you now save some serious time in building management reports, but it also elevates and fuels the conversation that is often missed in traditional reports and dashboards which focus on dense chunks of data. This can really unlock fast and effective decision-making.

"Boards are a huge step forward for the product. From continual research with our customers, we’re able to tackle some key pain points in their adoption of OKRs. Firstly, we can save huge amounts of time in collating reports on the progress of OKRs from across the business. Secondly, our users are able to look beyond the data by adding clear narratives to each goal so that the whole business can see the bigger picture, making quick and effective decision-making that much easier."
"Beyond that, we’ve built and will continue to develop Boards to be completely flexible, so not only can you build boards on team goals, company goals, and cross-functional projects, but you’ll be able to build customised boards to elevate whatever is most important in the business at any point in time. That could be an important team project, a big company Objective or a personal goal. One thing we’re also super excited about is how Boards can power business meetings, putting the data and the commentary on key business goals in the hands of those who can make fast and effective decisions."

We’re excited to help our users get the best from this new feature and to continue to gather their feedback to shape future iterations."

Mark Burnard, VP Product at Just3Things:

For a technical perspective on boards, and a step-by-step guide to getting started with our latest feature on your J3T account, you can read our help article here.

New Features in November 2021

Feature 1

Time Periods

Short animation showing how Time Periods work in Just3Things

Time periods are now live, replacing the auto-archiving of expired OKRs. All of your previously created OKRs which you thought were lost forever will be back on your team page, offering you a much clearer view of your previous, current, and upcoming objectives in one place. Easily navigate through your timeline of OKRs, and develop your upcoming strategies inside Just3Things.

Read the FAQs for this feature along with a setup guide in our help article.

Feature 2


Short animation showing how Alignment is represented in Just3Things

It’s now easier than ever to align your OKRs in Just3Things. Our latest release helps you see the golden thread from planning to end result, highlighting individual contributions from users along the way.

Find out more on how to navigate this new feature via our help article

Feature 3

Tooltip improvements

An image of a Key Result graph showing the users cursor on one of the data points
Before - in some cases where check-ins had a lot of text, this was shown in tooltips on Key Result graphs in a way that was very hard to use
An image of a Key Result graph showing the users cursor on one of the data points, now with an improved UI
After - much neater. For really long comments we now shorten them in the tooltip with an ellipsis (...) as people can read the full comment easily elsewhere on the page.

Feature 4

View Strategies in tables

We've been adding in and expanding our use of "table view" throughout Just3Things as it's generally easier to use than the "card view" we had before. We've now made it possible to see Strategies in table view.

A portion of the page in Just3Things showing Strategies above OKRs
Strategies are the dark grey bar at the top of this image

Feature 5

Cleaner integrations on OKR pages

Relatively small change this one but it needed a fair amount of work behind the scenes to make it possible. Now rather than seeing several tabs on an OKR page all relating to Integrations, we've simplified this into one tab.

New Features in July 2021

Feature 1

Invite other users

video showing how the new functionality works

Ever get frustrated trying to add people to your team or OKRs and not seeing them in Just3Things? Good news! It's now really easy to give your colleagues access to J3T. When you try to add someone who isn't in J3T, you'll now see small message letting you add their email address instead. They'll then get an email with a link to click, and they'll be in! There's no need to contact anyone for help.

Feature 2

Navigate back to your recently viewed team

video showing how the new functionality works

On any OKR or Initiative page, you'll now see a way to quickly get back to the team page you were on before visiting. This button will only be visible if you've recently come from a team page. You can also find your recently viewed teams in a new section in "Teams" in the header navigation.

Feature 3

Search results tabs

video showing how the new feature works

We now group your search results by Objectives, Teams, and People, so there's less scrolling and it's clearer what your search has found. We only show the relevant tabs when you have results for those areas.

Feature 4

Clearer "Add Objective" button on your profile

video showing how the new functionality works

Right at the top of your profile page you'll see a button to add an Objective. Not a big piece of work, but hopefully it's helpful!

Feature 5

Recent teams in the header "Teams" menu

video showing how the new functionality works

You can find your recently viewed teams in a new section in "Teams" in the header navigation. The latest five teams will be shown here, so it's easy to find your way around without needing extra clicks.

New Features in May 2021

Feature 1

View OKRs in a table

video showing how the new functionality works

View OKRs throughout J3T in a table with all the key information you need. And with the use of filters, you can customise which OKRs to display (like showing only the red ones) and screenshot the report to use in presentations or download it as a CSV file to share with colleagues outside of J3T.

Feature 2

Invite people to follow OKRs

video showing how the new functionality works

Following helps you save time by finding all of your important OKRs in one place. Now you can invite your colleagues and stakeholders to follow things, so they'll get a notification whenever there's an update. They won't need to chase you for updates ever again!

Feature 3

Reply to comments

video showing how the new functionality works

Commenting on your OKRs is essential to providing context and further details on progress and developments, and we know that sometimes there are many comments belonging to an OKR and you only want to reply to one in particular. You can now do that with reply, making it easier to identify which comments are in response to an existing post.

Feature 4

Daily summary emails

image showing the new functionality

You can now receive daily emails that summarise all the activity in J3T from the day before (we won’t send an email if there weren't any updates). You never have to worry about keeping up to date or missing an important check-in again.

Feature 5

Update your job title, manager etc inside J3T

video showing how the new functionality works

To make it easier for you to update your own personal details whenever you want, you can now amend your job title, manager, direct reports and notification settings yourself from your profile page. Save time requesting these changes from our support team and make these changes as often as you need to, whenever you need to.