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Just3Things: Proven OKR software for aligning and engaging teams, wherever they are

We were born from within one of the UK’s fastest growth Unicorn companies, OVO Energy. Now we’ve made our product available for everyone to benefit from.

We make it easy for companies to:

  • Define the direction
  • Focus on what matters
  • Track, learn and adapt
"Using Just3Things has saved each of our Team Leaders hours every week that would have been spent in update meetings and writing endless reports"
Adrian Letts - CEO OVO Retail
Adrian Letts
"Using Just3Things allows us to quickly see which of our initiatives are driving our desired outcomes and which aren't. Learning from this and adapting our approach is at the core of our growth mindset as an organisation."
Catherine Wallwork, Head of Innovation & Mindset, Deloitte Ventures
Catherine Wallwork

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