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Important: don't change the slugs for this collection or for any collection items which are connected up into the product, as this will cause the connection to break.

Introducing Permissions! 🔒

Access levels on Just3Things has now changed. You will be assigned to one of the following user roles.

Explorers: Can view all public data or specific goals/boards they have been assigned to.

Reporters: Can access all goals/boards as well as edit those which they own or contribute to.

Owners: Can access all goals in the system regardless of ownership. Able to create company wide objectives/strategies and manage integrations.

If you think you have been assigned the wrong user role please do reach out via Intercom or email

Getting started

  1. Watch the intro video
  2. Create your first OKR
  3. Add a Key Result
  4. Check in on a Key Result
  5. Invite a team mate

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