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Podcast: HR Transformation with Perry Timms

Blogger, author and inspirational speaker Perry Timms discusses why HR transformation needs to happen now across all organisations.

Podcast: Mindset change – learn from the experts

How to introduce mindset change and how this helps to successfully embed OKRs and new ways of working.

Podcast: The new business landscape in a pandemic

Kim Atherton & Barry O’Reilly discuss the new landscape that is emerging as a result of lockdowns, & how it's inspiring innovation in business.

Podcast: Creating a customer-centric company

Want to transform into an innovative, adaptable organisation? Start with a relentless focus on solving customer problems.

BBC Radio 4's "The Bottom Line" – behavioural science in the workplace

Can behavioural science make us more productive and improve the workplace? Just3Things CEO and co-founder is interviewed by BBC Radio 4.