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Experts recommend 40+ questions you should ask before starting your OKR journey

What are the questions you should be asking yourself before you implement OKRs in your business? We asked the experts who gave a comprehensive checklist of what you need to know before starting your OKR journey.

15 OKR experts explain why companies fail first-time implementation

15 OKR experts, authors, and coaches explain why companies often fail first-time adoption of OKRs. Hear from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Brad Dunn and more.

Goal-gradients and motivation - The OKRs Owl part 4/4

Goal-gradients are a nice motivational approach based on behavioural science that can really benefit your OKR progress.

How to measure OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 3/4

How do you measure OKRs? Which metrics should you use for OKRs? How do I set stretch targets? How do I start with OKRs? We have the answers for you here.

Why you should have regular OKR check-ins

What is an OKR check-in? Why do I need to regularly review OKRs? How should I check in on OKRs? We've got these questions covered and more!

How to start with OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 2/4

In the 2nd part of The OKRs Owl series, we discuss how "forcing function" can help motivate you to start with OKRs

Practical examples of OKRs - The OKRs Owl part 1/4

Here we provide some practical examples of OKRs for 2021. This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll be chucking out the OKRs textbooks and taking you into the real world of OKRs.

How NOT to define and implement OKRs

6 tips that you should NOT follow if you want to implement or define Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) successfully in your company.

5 tips for getting started with OKRs

Here we share some 5 tips for those of you getting started with OKRs and thinking of introducing them into your business.

How to align Initiatives, OKRs, and Jira

Find out how to align your team initiatives (OKRs) with JIRA and why this could help you achieve your company goals

The ultimate OKRs guide - how to use them in a pandemic

Here we share the ultimate guide to OKRs, how to implement them in your business, and how to do that in the COVID-19 pandemic!

OKRs: So simple! So then why isn’t everyone using them?

After seven years of implementing OKRs both from within and outside organisations, I've learned that they're not the silver bullet that I once thought they were... read on to see why.

How OKRs can help struggling retailers

Amid the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore how OKRs can help struggling retailers to rapidly adapt to changes.

KPIs vs OKRs - what's the difference?

In this post, we outline the main differences between common goal-setting approaches: KPIs versus OKRs.

How to write OKRs (with examples)

Get started with OKRs – find out how to write them, compare some good and bad examples and learn about the most common mistakes companies make when they start their OKRs journey.

What are OKRs - their meaning and tips for writing them

OKRs means Objectives and Key Results. It's is a way of setting goals that helps unite and align a workplace. Learn about their history, each of their elements in detail, and the key benefits and challenges they present.

Breaking down OKR silos - where do we start?

What is siloed working? How can OKRs help break down siloed working? Help reduce silos in remote working!

Interview: with Paul Niven, OKR expert and author

We interviewed Paul Niven, OKR expert and author, to pick his brain on all things OKRs. We asked his expert opinion and insight into how to effectively implement them into an organisation.