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OKRs vs KPIs - what's the difference?

In this post, we outline the main differences between common goal setting approaches: OKRs vs KPIs.

How to write OKRs (with examples)

Get started with OKRs – find out how to write them, compare some good and bad examples and learn about the most common mistakes companies make when they start their OKRs journey.

What are OKRs - their meaning and tips for writing them

OKRs means Objectives and Key Results. It's is a way of setting goals that helps unite and align a workplace. Learn about their history, each of their elements in detail, and the key benefits and challenges they present.

Interview: with Paul Niven, OKR expert and author

We interviewed Paul Niven, OKR expert and author, to pick his brain on all things OKRs. We asked his expert opinion and insight into how to effectively implement them into an organisation.