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OKR Expert Series

The OKR experts series is a collection of statements, opinions, and thoughts from leading industry experts on important OKR questions. The series includes thoughts from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Bart Den Haak, Brad Dunn, and more.

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Goal Setting: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, or a Mixture of both?

Setting effective goals is a challenge. Especially as there are many ways - top-down, bottom-up, middle-out. We asked the experts their top tips.

How to create a culture of psychological safety with OKRs - Expert advice

Psychological safety is one of the key pillars of OKRs. Without it, teams will not fully invest in the process. We asked 15 OKR experts their best practice tips for enhancing psychological safety.

Improving OKR transparency & alignment - Expert advice

When getting started with OKRs, offering full transparency and pivoting to be fully aligned throughout your organisation may seem tough, so we asked the experts for best practice tips.

Moving from output to outcome focus with OKRs - Best practice tips

One of the key mistakes seen in companies rolling out OKRs for the first time is the use of output key results. What's the difference? An output is what a team does, whereas an outcome is the results we hope to see after completing different activities with the desired end goal.

OKRs from home - Experts list best practice tips for remote OKRs

How can you set, create, scale, check-in, & build OKRs remotely? We asked the experts for their best practice tips on remote & hybrid OKR processes!

How to set metrics for OKRs without previous baseline data

If you're new to OKRs, you might not have baseline data for the KRs you want to measure. We asked the experts their top tips for getting those metrics.

How to scale OKRs - Expert advice

Scaling OKRs in startups, SMEs, and large organisations can be daunting. What does scaling of OKRs mean, how can you write OKRs for scale, and more.

How to create effective OKR stretch goals - top tips from experts

How can you make sure that stretch goals for OKRs are not de-motivating or cause sandbagging? We asked industry experts for their advice.

20+ OKR best practice tips from experts

Best practice for OKRs from experts. Tl;dr included. We asked the experts for their top OKR tips, tricks, and hacks!

Common OKR misconceptions - 30+ examples from experts

Are OKRs only useful for tech and product-led companies? Are they for everyone? Should they be set top-down? Find out these answers and more.

OKR experts explain when you should start your OKR journey

Your OKR journey can depend on company size, failure with agile (& other frameworks), culture, stage of growth, & more.

Companies with great OKRs - the cultural & structural similarities

What are the cultural and structural similarities of companies that excel with OKRs? We asked the experts!

Experts list 40+ questions you should ask before you start using OKRs

We asked the experts for a comprehensive checklist of the questions you should think about before starting your OKR journey.

22 experts explain the main benefits of OKRs

Why should you use OKRs? What are the main benefits of OKRs? How do OKRs help employees? Should my business be using OKRs? We asked the experts!

21 OKR experts give their best advice for OKR champions

Top expert advice on how to convince your colleagues and CEO you need OKRs, how to be a great OKR champion, what to avoid when introducing OKRs, and more.

Are OKRs here to stay? 17 experts give their thoughts

Are OKRs the future of hybrid and remote work? OKRs have been used by many high-profile companies, but are they here to stay? We asked the experts!

18 experts explain common OKR mistakes in 2022

What are the most common OKR mistakes? See the full list from experts including set and forget, having outputs as OKRs, cascading OKRs, and more.

15 OKR experts explain why companies fail first-time implementation

Why do so many companies fail at OKRs on their first attempt? Hear from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Brad Dunn and more.