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OKR Expert Series

The OKR experts series is a collection of statements, opinions, and thoughts from leading industry experts on important OKR questions. The series includes thoughts from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Bart Den Haak, Brad Dunn, and more.

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OKR experts explain when you should start your OKR journey

The comprehensive answer to when you should start your OKR journey. Your OKR journey can depend on company size, failure with agile (& other frameworks), culture, stage of growth, & more.

21 experts explain the cultural and structural similarities at companies that create great OKRs

Do the companies and organisations that do well with OKRs have cultural or structural similarities? We asked our OKR experts if this is true, and if so, what the similarities are in teams that create great Objectives and Key Results.

Experts recommend 40+ questions you should ask before starting your OKR journey

What are the questions you should be asking yourself before you implement OKRs in your business? We asked the experts who gave a comprehensive checklist of what you need to know before starting your OKR journey.

22 experts explain the main benefits of OKRs for companies and employees

Why should you use OKRs? What are the main benefits of OKRs? How do OKRs help employees? Should my business be using OKRs? These are all questions we regularly get, so we asked the experts what they think are the main benefits of OKRs for both employees and customers

21 OKR experts give their best advice for OKR champions

Top expert advice on how to convince your colleagues and CEO you need OKRs, how to be a great OKR champion, what to avoid when introducing OKRs, and more.

17 experts give 3-5 year OKR predictions

Are OKRs here to stay? Will they become standard practice? What is the future of OKR use? We asked our experts for their 3-5 year OKR forecast/predictions.

18 experts explain common OKR mistakes in 2022

What are the most common OKR mistakes? See the full list including set and forget OKRs, linking OKRs to performance reviews, having outputs as OKRs, cascading OKRs, and more.

15 OKR experts explain why companies fail first-time implementation

15 OKR experts, authors, and coaches explain why companies often fail first-time adoption of OKRs. Hear from Christina Wodtke, Paul Niven, Allan Kelly, Brad Dunn and more.