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Articles centred around business transformation, positive team culture, reducing silo behaviours, and organisational effectiveness.

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OKRs for enterprise businesses - Deloitte and NatWest Group share their story

We find out how enterprise businesses like Deloitte and NatWest Group have implemented OKRs using Just3Things.

5 tips for getting started with OKRs

Here we share some 5 tips for those of you getting started with OKRs and thinking of introducing them into your business.

How OKRs can help struggling retailers

Amid the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore how OKRs can help struggling retailers to rapidly adapt to changes.

Are functional silos stunting your business success?

Find out how functional silos can hamper your business success and why it’s time to replace them with a more collaborative approach.

Client case study: How Deloitte introduced OKRs

We talked to Catherine Wallwork at Deloitte Ventures to find out how she successfully introduced OKRs into the large consultancy firm.

Client case study: How OVO Energy maintained agility at scale

In this case study, we explore how OVO Energy embedded focus and alignment within their teams by building Just3Things, and how agile at scale was easier to embed when the company culture had transformed.

Podcast: HR Transformation with Perry Timms

Blogger, author and inspirational speaker Perry Timms discusses why HR transformation needs to happen now across all organisations.

5 tips for successful remote working

Remote working is becoming standard practice in a Covid-19 world. Find out how these 5 tips for successful remote working will benefit your business.

There is no new normal - how businesses can adapt

Don’t panic trying to figure out the new normal and predicting the future. There is no new normal! But there is a way you can pivot continuously to keep evolving alongside the economy. Here’s how…

Podcast: The new business landscape in a pandemic

Listen to Kim Atherton and Barry O’Reilly discuss the new landscape that is emerging as a result of the global lockdown, and how it is inspiring positive and innovative changes in communities and businesses.

The importance of psychological safety at work

Psychological safety is a natural norm for high-performing teams. Here we explore what it is, why it matters, and how to instill it within your team culture.

How to drive employee engagement

Your employees are your most valuable assets, so understanding what motivates them and how to inspire them are crucial to engaging and retaining top talent. Here we look at the research and uncover the most effective ways to drive employee engagement.

Video: The story behind J3T, and how we helped to scale a 'Unicorn' organisation

Where it all began. J3T was born from within one of the UK’s fastest growth companies. This is the story of how we helped to scale a Unicorn organisation.

Podcast: The customer-centric company - focusing teams on outcomes vs deliverables

Want to transform into an innovative, adaptable organisation? Start with a relentless focus on solving customer problems. Listen to the full discussion, with industry experts, in our exclusive webinar

Interview: with Barry O’Reilly - outcomes over outputs

We interview Barry O’Reilly to learn why organisations should shift to Outcomes over Outputs as their way of working, and what benefits this can bring to a business.

Transforming Volkswagen Financial Services

Learn about how CIO Christian Metzner is transforming Volkswagen Financial Services to create a new working culture that is completely customer focused.

Podcast: Organisational transformation and turning the tanker

Hear from experts at Royal Bank of Scotland and Royal London discussing the realities of organisational transformation, including how to get “comfortable with the uncomfortable”, how to manage setbacks, and more!

Redefining workplace perks in today's world

A look at what ‘Workplace Perks’ really means to the modern employee, and it’s not what you might have thought!

Interview: with Paul Niven, OKR expert and author

We interviewed Paul Niven, OKR expert and author, to pick his brain on all things OKRs. We asked his expert opinion and insight into how to effectively implement them into an organisation.

Interview: on BBC Radio 4's "The Bottom Line" – behavioural science in the workplace

Can behavioural science make us more productive and improve the workplace? Just3Things CEO and co-founder is interviewed by BBC Radio 4 to discuss "Behavioural Science in the Workplace"

Annual planning: dreaming big and building consensus

We attended an annual planning session with Matt Pitt, Head of People Development at Veolia UK, to work with him as he provided an appropriate way for colleagues to present and challenge their various strategic goals and priorities